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Rocket Parachute Flare (Red) L-35A (SOLAS)

DESCRIPTION: Distress signal to be carried on boats and marine vessels including leisure crafts. Expels an intense red light at a height of more than 300 meters. Conforms to SOLAS 2014/90 UE and IMO Res. MSC.81(70) regulations.


Rocket Parachute Flare (Red) L-35A (SOLAS)

  • APPLICATIONS: As a distress signal for all kinds of boats, it is suitable for day or night use assuring long distance visibility.


    DURATION: more than 40 seconds

    LIGHT INTENSITY: More than 30,000 candles

    DIMENSIONS: ø45×280mm.

    GROSS WEIGHT: 450g

    PACKAGING (Only for Export):

    35 Units

    Gross Weight: 16KG

    External measurements: ø310 x 250 x 335mm

    DOCUMENTS: click here

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY: Click here to access to the Declaration of Conformity for your batch. Contact us for password

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