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Red Hand Flare L-21 (SOLAS)

DESCRIPTION: Distress handheld signal to be carried on boats and marine vessels including leisure crafts. Red hand-held flare that expels an intense red light. Unique small and compact design that is waterproof and airtight. Flare handle adapts and extends in length for safe handling during operation. Conforms to SOLAS 2014/90 UE and IMO Res. MSC.81(70) regulations.


Red Hand Flare L-21 (SOLAS)

  • APPLICATIONS: As a distress signal for all kinds of boats, it is suitable for day or night use and ideal for accurate position marking.


    DURATION: More than 60 seconds

    LIGHT INTENSITY: More than 15,000 candles


    Closed: ø37×122 mm.

    Open: ø37×220 mm.

    GROSS WEIGHT: 125g

    PACKAGING (Only for export):

    136 Units

    Gross Weight: 18KG

    External measurements: ø310 x 250 x 335 mm

    DOCUMENTS: click here

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY: Click here to access to the Declaration of Conformity for your batch. Contact us for password 

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